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Tessies Puppies


Click on the photo to see Tessies Puppies!




3 week puppy


Tess is our Hungarian Vizsla, (we think she's the one on the left in the above photo, they're 3 weeks old) she was born in April 2003 and has grown up with our Kids since being about nine weeks old. Tess has a great relationship with all of the family, if you let her she will smother you with cuddles, she puts her front paws around your neck and licks and snuggles her head into your neck. This she does with visitors, we don't allow it, and she knows that. Tess is very clever, she doesn't miss a thing that's going on in the house, if anyone is talking about going out she knows. 


3 week puppy


The Hungarian Vizsla is a medium sized all-purpose gundog. Tess is registered with the Kennel Club as Afanleigh Honey and was bred by Mr. E G Fishlock.


The Vizsla originated in the Hungarian Empire sometime before the Twentieth Century although the breed was only recognized in 1924 when individual dogs were registered for the first time. The Vizsla breed remained in the Hungarian Empire until around the time of the Second World War and the Russian Occupation. During that time Vizslas were smuggled out of the Hungarian Empire to other parts of Europe. Today, Vizsla can be found all over the world.


6 week puppy


It is thought that the first Vizslas to be brought into Britain were two Vizslas that were imported in 1939. The first registration of imported Vizslas was recorded by the Kennel Club in 1953.


Now the breed is well established but still relatively rare. A look at the Kennel Club Breed Record for July to September 2003 shows that 180 Hungarian Vizslas births were registered during that period. This can be compared to Labradors of which 11553 registrations were made for the same period.


adult dog


adult dog


These two photos are showing Tess as she is at four years old, August 2006. She's a great dog - so well behaved and trustworthy with the family. In many ways she's over friendly, she acts as if you've been away all day when actually all you've done is go upstairs for two minutes!!


sitting down


Here's Tess as she was in April 2007, she has a great personality and loves being around everyone, although she is never Top Dog.


head in flowers


Tess in April 2007 with her head in the flowers - she usually has her head in the clouds so this makes a change!!


standing up


Tess in April 2007 - what a beautiful girl.




Are you looking at me?


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